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Daily maintenance at busy offices is no easy task, let alone when the office is a 30-story building with legacy cleaning processes, excess supplies and janitor closets. This was the challenge Kearny Real Estate was facing. Their goal was to eliminate non-value-added waste, improve efficiency, and positively impact morale and engagement.

Kearny Real Estate found the answer in our LEAN approach. We address issues that aren’t always visible, and uncover waste that can extract value, and diminish productivity. 

La solution Veritiv

Our Certified LEAN Advisors began by documenting the existing conditions of each closet to understand Kearny Real Estate’s patterns. We then shadowed each day-porter’s path of travel to see how many trips they were making for supplies.

The results showed many opportunities. Our advisors worked with Kearny Real Estate to implement several LEAN principles, including:

  • Sorting supplies to consolidate and eliminate non-essentials
  • Setting in order all janitorial and supply closets so products are easy to find-retrieve-return, and inventory is easier to maintain
  • Standardizing and Sustaining vacuuming procedures by switching to faster, safer cordless vacuums

Les résultats

Since working with our team, Kearny Real Estate has boosted their bottom line and brand, with results including:

  • Reduced trips to and from closets, saving 100 miles of walking each year
  • Increased efficiency, saving eight hours per week and eliminating the need to hire another employee (direct savings of over $55 000 per year)
  • Decreased supply usage and waste, saving budget and the environment

Kearny Real Estate estimates these changes have helped increase the value of their building by $1 100 000. They are thrilled with the results and continue to implement the LEAN approach to further boost their bottom line.



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